The Launch is HERE 11.05.2021

Is it time to take your gaming sessions up a level? Get ready for enhanced ENERGY, laser-like FOCUS and ultimate HYDRATION with MyMOD. Sign-up below to become part of the crew and to hear all about our big drops, giveaways and WAY more! Welcome to MyMOD.


Like a Tsunami

Eliminate thirst. Packed with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals at the perfect dosages for optimum hydration throughout your session.



No Heavy Crash

Experience a whole new energy like never before, with NO CRASH! A perfect blend of natural caffeine, patented ingredients & B Vitamins for sustained energy.


Concentration King

Feel the focus. Perform under pressure, with the highest quality nootropics and all natural patented extracts to not only get you in the zone but to keep your cool whilst your there. Donโ€™t crack.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What is MyMod & What is it used for?

MyMod is an ultra-premium, ready-to-mix beverage with Zero-Sugar but ALL THE FLAVOUR! Designed for enhanced focus, energy, hydration, mental endurance and eye health, your total gaming support has finally arrived!

What makes you different from an energy drink?

Whilst it does contain all of the energy drink ingredients you would expect such as vitamins, electrolytes and caffeine, MyMod goes above and beyond any energy drink!

Delivering total gaming support from start to finish with the highest quality proven ingredients and patented plant extracts. Not only are you going to enjoy all the amazing flavours, get ready to enhance ALL your gaming sessions!

What can we expect from MyMod in the future?

This might be MyMod.

But this is your community.

You wont believe what 2021 holds…