About Us

Here at My MOD we’re a small team ready to take on the world!

After working in the supplement business for 8 years and all being passionate gamers we found a hole in the energy drink system. With the world moving away from sugar filled cans and into a healthier energy source, gaming supplements have been popping up all around us for the past few years. But we noticed that although these were healthier than the cans we’re used to, they don’t offer anything more than just a boost of caffeinated energy. We wanted to make a drink that not only tastes AMAZING, but will offer a range of different effects that will help your gaming session every time. This is where My MOD began.

We want to MODIFY your game.

The ingredients in MY MOD have been carefully selected and tested to help gamers with FOCUS,  HYDRATION, MENTAL ENDURANCE, EYE CARE and of course ENERGY. But don’t pick up a tub a My MOD thinking you’re going to have a heavy caffeine crash afterwards, because you absolutely WON’T. Our ingredients make sure that won’t be the case… No more mid-afternoon naps to aid your late night sessions 😉

We’re introducing My MOD to the world with 4 flavours, but soon to be soooooo many more! You can also check out a breakdown of our ingredients below if you wanted a few more details! ⬇️

The Ingredients Breakdown