General News

June 15th

Apex Legends | Season 9 So Far

After it's release on May 4th, HerbiePlays gives us his round-up of Apex Legends Season 9. With the introduction of 'Arena', Valkyrie & the new Bocek Bow there's lots to love about it!

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May 21st

My MOD Reviews | Outriders

My MOD Reviews OUTRIDERS 🎮 Released in April 2021 Outriders is a cooperative action role-playing third-person video game. Check out our review to see if it's a game you want to pick up this summer!

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March 17th

Animal Crossing | New Horizons 2021 Update

The New Horizons update is landing 18th March and is packed full of fun new features. Come check out everything NEW that’ll be landing on your Island this weekend!

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March 5th

Extreme Sports | The lost gaming genre

What once was a genre that stood up to the AAA powerhouses, extreme sports games are starting to get lost in the world of gaming today. Will Riders Republic put a smile on our faces, finally?

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call of duty black ops season 2

March 2nd

Call Of Duty – Cold War | Season 2

Call of Duty have been working hard bringing a whole bunch of new content for new battle pass season 2. This time round its bigger and better than ever.

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February 24th

Quick Review | League of Legends – Wild Rift

My MOD does a quick review of League of Legends Wild Rift. Interested in starting to play? Drop by today to see what to expect and how to make your first matches unbeatable!

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February 22nd

Forza Horizons 5 | What To Expect

Rumours of the next game started a couple of months ago when a reputed journalist stated that he is expecting another Forza Horizon game is literally on the Horizon...

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February 19th

LEC | Week 3 – Results & Summary

Week 3 was a tough one, with some GREAT games. Catch up with LEC right here with My MOD!

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February 12th

LEC | Week 2 – Results & Summary

Catch up on all the week two drama in the LEC. See scores, game stats and results right here with My Mod!

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February 10th

GTA 5 Online | How To Make Money

With the confirmed next gen update coming, we're offering an action plan to help you to elevate your business empire and become the king pin on the streets of Los Santos!

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February 5th

Best Mobile Games | Brawl Stars

Released in 2017 Brawl Stars has taken the mobile game world by storm. See a full guide to give you a running start to what we think will be the BEST mobile game of 2021!

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January 27th

No More ‘Next Gen’ Consoles?

With Xbox Game Pass and Sony PS Now making gaming more accessible than ever, what is the future of console gaming look like? Will we see any more 'Next Gen' console wars? That's the big question.

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