March 17th

Animal Crossing | New Horizons 2021 Update


General News

A big update is coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons on 18th March and offering so much to explore and see. This is great news for us who have had the game since launch almost exactly 1 year ago today. PLUS, find a a secret code for our Switch giveaway, right here in this blog!

I’ve had some real fun with the Mario furniture and clothing that we saw added to the game earlier this month, so an update is making me really excited to see what else will be arriving at our islands very soon. The main highlight is going to be the introduction of SIX new Sanrio-inspired villagers with new items, but that’s not all… Nintendo announced a lot more on March 16th that we are absolutely delighted with including:

The return of the easter bunny

New seasonal items

Updated custom design app

Earn Nook Points with NookLink

Island tours

The Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Pack amiibo cards are due to be re-released at the end of March which will allow us to invite new special residents to our island and even have them move in! We will also be able to buy furniture themed after Sanrio’s most famous characters like Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin so get ready to have the cutest island around.

So after March 18th, if you have already purchased the Sanrio Collaboration Pack (Amiibo Cards) you’ll be able to invite the Sanrio villagers to your island and get the new items. If you’ve been greatly awaiting some new furniture to spice up your island, check out the screenshots Nintendo shared of the different villagers’ houses. You’ll get a great idea of what items you might be able to pick up so you can get your new construction plan ready for the update!

Time to upgrade that Custom Design app!

Two fantastic little updates will be coming to your Custom Design app on your NookPhone. You’ll be able to pick them both up for the NookStop in Residents Services once the latest update is downloaded.

Firstly, the Pro Editor+ will introduce you to four new Pro Design styles, whilst also offering 100 additional spaces to hold your wonderful creations. This upgrade will also give you the ability to create four new types of designs customising umbrellas, small flags, a Japanese fan & photo stands.

You can also add the Custom Design Portal (that you usually find in the Able Sister store) straight to your NookPhone. No more running back into the shop to browse as you’ll be able to access over 12 million Custom Designs anywhere on your island. So, If you’re wanting to put your personal flair into your island, then this might be the most important part of the update for you.

Spring is upon us and whilst most of us are looking forward to the sun coming out to play, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players will be getting excited for the new items that will come along with the new update. Make sure to check out Nook Shopping and Able Sisters to bag a variety of time-limited items.

Get fooling your island friends with the arrival of the ‘Whoopie Cushion’ for April Fool’s Day and also special prom-themed clothing and items will be available to inject some glitz and glam into Island life. Plus, a Forsythia tree and a smart-looking globe will be available to celebrate Tree Planting Day & Nature Day. Don’t forget to grab these before the sun has officially arrived for Summer.

If you’re a Nintendo Switch Online member you’ll also be able to get a Nintendo Switch Lite as an in-game item… Will Islandception begin? Head to Nook Shopping to grab this item to order. It comes in four colours, so make sure to wait for the one you want to be available!

Bunny Day is Back!

The first repeated in-game event New Horizons will offer is the return of Zipper! Find hidden eggs all over your island that can be used to make DIY recipes or trade them with Zipper on 4th April for extra rewards. Keep an eye out for special Egg Balloon Presents and Egg Message Bottles for new DIY crafting recipes. Look in trees, rocks & in the water, as these are all places that you’re able to find them. You can also talk to villagers to cop a special Bunny Day item and should be able to grab these from Nook’s Cranny too.

Nook Points

NookLink which is within the Nintendo Switch Online smart device app, will also be getting an upgrade this March. It looks like you will be able to save up Nook Points and trade them for in-game items. Similar to your extra Nook Miles you receive for visiting the Nook Stop daily, you’ll gain points by logging in to your NookLink app daily. So, make sure you’re dropping in everyday to take full advantage!

The New Horizons Tour Creator

Been working damn hard on your Island and want to show the world? We’re not exactly sure what the Island Tour Creator will bring to us, but it seems to be a place where you can share digital posters for your island. Take screenshots and videos and bring them together to create a tour video and even create an address for your island. Check out these posters shared by Nintendo to get a little bit of a feel for what we might be seeing with this update. It’s time to show off your creation’s fellow villagers!

There is a lot to look forward to in this update being released 18th March… I know I can’t wait to get to my Island and experience all of the new features this weekend, whilst also making sure I’m ready for Zipper to arrive back!

Check out the Sanrio trailer right here!

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