June 15th

Apex Legends | Season 9 So Far


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What is going on MyModders! HerbiePlays here with a quick update on Apex Legends and my overall thoughts on the season so far. Disclaimer: I have been cursed with the worst of the worst internet as-of-late and so, alas, I can only offer a limited perspective on this season so far; however, I hope to be addressing this lack-of Wi-Fi soon and will be dropping back into King’s Canyon/ World’s Edge/ Olympus ASAP.


With the commencement of S9 of Apex Legends, we were introduced to a variety of new and exciting elements to the mobility-focussed Battle Royale; from the addition of the now beloved ‘Recurve Bow’, to the introduction of Valkyrie – daughter of the legendary Apex Predators Pilot: Viper (Titanfall 2). Among these latest changes to the game, Respawn have given us the long-awaited game mode: ‘Arena’. This was something that has long been theorised over, ever since the introduction of ‘Ash’ in Lobas S5 quest finale (another Titanfall 2 addition, well played Respawn). Initially, fans speculated the idea of Ash as the latest to be inaugurated into the Apex Legends rostra – myself included in this cloud of Apex theorists.

Our excitement, however, was stamped out with a direct confirmation made available to players towards the end of S8. Data cards were made available for collection throughout the game (in the same way treasure packs have been since S5); upon collecting three of these collectibles, players could go to the firing range and be picked up by a dropship, which would proceed to taxi us to a never-before-seen area of the map to be introduced to a giant hologram of Ash, announcing her latest concept… the ‘Arena’. This was of course overwhelmingly appealing to the players; the reintroduction of Ash, the gratification of having found this not-so-little easter egg all on our own, as well as the confirmation of a brand-new game mode, all accompanied by the roar of adoring spectators thundering around you. It is safe to say we were pretty geared up for this one.

Come S9, Valkyrie is now available to play, squads are tearing their teammates to shreds in a desperate bid to get their hands on the new recurve bow and everyone is squealing to get into a round of ‘Arena’. The game-mode encourages a focus on the gunplay of the game, with a chance for players to boast their skills in combat and not have to worry so much about their skills in long-term survival. Rounds begin in a way similar to that of CS:GO, in which the two opposing squads of three are granted timed access to an in-match store, where they can purchase their preferred loadouts, before throwing everything they have at their enemies! As I have said above (and as is clearly stated in the synopsis of the mode), the focus is on the combat, so Respawn have really done well to remove so much of the focus from looting – which is arguably a fundamental element of the games Battle Royale mode.

Overall, Season 9 is a complete success and I offer all my praises to Respawn for the fantastic work they have done with this incredible game and the constant depth they add to the Titanfall/ Apex universe. I am sure I speak for all of us when I say I cannot wait to hear what Season 10 will have to offer! We at MyMod hope you guys are enjoying Apex as much as us and that our product is keeping you healthy, happy, and hyped to keep on top of your A game!

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Hey, my name’s Chris, I am a representative here at MyMod. I somehow managed to get myself a degree in Television Production, which piqued my interest in competitive gaming and its televisual potential. I’m an avid Overwatch player and I’m currently working on getting the hang of Apex Legends on the PC (after switching over from PlayStation)! When my internet fails me however, I’ll always fall back on a trusty RPG and/or Strategy game!