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General News

Brawl Stars is created by Supercell the Finnish game development company that also brought you Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Brawl Stars is a free-to-play mobile shooter battle royale and home to plenty of different game modes for you to get stuck into!

Brawl Stars is perfect game for a quick two 2 minute games on your break or a lengthy 2-hour session with a good group of people. You can keep it chill and just play for fun or can get serious and try and make your way to the World Championships each year!

The controls are incredibly simple with one virtual thumb stick that aims and fires your weapon and another that controls your character/Brawler. You also have one other button, your ‘special attack’ which builds up from successfully landing standard attacks. Brawl Stars is only played from a top-down view meaning you never have to worry about the camera angle or looking around. But, do not let the basic controls fool you though, it is perfect and fluid.

There are several Game Modes available in Brawl Stars but the BIG 2 are Gem Grab and Brawl Ball. This is what makes the game so versatile for a variety of player types as you can choose to play solo, with one teammate or with three players. So, whether you are a support player or like to go in hard, there is a place for everyone to have great fun! This material is unofficial and is not endorsed by Supercell. For more information see Supercell’s Fan Content Policy:

Game Modes - 3 Vs 3

Gem Grab

Gem Grab is our favourite game mode. Extremely addictive but also, extremely infuriating. It is a 3 Vs 3 game mode based around a gem mine in the centre which produces purple gems slowly throughout the game. Each team’s aim is to collect 10 gems. Once 10 gems have been collected a 15 second timer will begin. Your team then must retain those 10 gems until the timer has completed. When you are killed holding gems, they will instantly be left out in play where you died, ready to be collected by another player on the map. PLUS, if the other team ALSO gets 10, the timer stops, and you must battle to be the team that is holding the most gems. Once a team holds more gems than the other one team the timer is again restarted. Equally, if someone dies and drops their gems and your team holds less than the desired 10, the timer will also stop. Sometimes you can just get that one shot that changes the entire course of the game. On the edge of your seat, thrilling game mode!

Credit: Supercell

Credit: Supercell

Brawl Ball

Brawl Ball is as entertaining, fun and frustrating as Gem Grab (fuck you MORTIS!) and seems to be just as popular. It also is a 3 Vs 3 game, with a ball placed in the middle of the map. The aim is to score two goals before the other team. You pick up the ball by running into it and kick it by pressing the shoot button – you cannot fire your weapon whilst holding the ball. If the score is 1-1 or 0-0 at the end of the game time, all cover on the map is destroyed and another 1 minute is added to try and squeeze out a winner. You can still draw though and sometimes this is even more frustrating.


Siege I think is the most stressful game mode in the mix due to its constant need to be putting pressure on the other team. One death can really make a significant difference to the outcome of the game even if it’s right at the beginning of the match. Siege is also 3 Vs 3, where both teams have IKE turret. This turret can shoot bullets within a designated zone that deliver huge damage and the aim of the game is to destroy the other team’s turret. The goal is to ‘feed’ your IKE turret bolts which spawn in patterns across the map. At the end of the round, a Siege Robot is spawned for the team that holds the most bolts. This robot will then attack the other teams IKE turret. Once a turret is destroyed the game finishes, if neither turret is destroyed the team that has landed the most damage wins. You have three chances to spawn your Siege bot during the game time. If both teams are holding the same number of bolts at the end of a round, no Siege will occur until the next round finishes. You cannot enter the other teams base as the Siege bot will kill you before you get the chance to make considerable damage, but certain brawlers might have some tricks up their sleeves to get around this.

Credit: Supercell


Heist is a 3 Vs 3 game mode where each team has a safe that must be protected at all costs. The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy safe before they destroy yours. This game requires being able to balance good defence whilst maintaining strong attacks. If neither safe is destroyed during the game the team with the least safe damage wins. With both Siege and Heist, you can finish on a draw. It is difficult to end this way as both safes/turrets would need to be on the EXACT same damage which I must say in my two years of playing has only happened once!


Bounty is 3 Vs 3 team death match that lasts a total of 2 minutes. Your teams aim is to collect the most stars by the end of the two minutes. Every player starts with 2 stars which are displayed above your brawler’s head. When a brawler is killed their bounty is added to the other teams score and increases the killing brawler’s bounty by 1 (You can reach a maximum of 7 stars). When a brawler respawns, their bounty is reverted to 2. The game also begins with a special blue star placed in the centre of the map. When a brawler that holds the blue star dies, the blue star goes to the killing brawler. If the game ends on a draw the team that holds the blue star will take the winning spot.

Credit: Supercell

Special Event (Big Game/Boss Fight/Robo Rumble/Super City Rampage)

Special Event are available to play over the weekend. There are four awesome special event modes that rotate each week so make sure you play whilst you have the chance. All these modes are unranked so no trophies are gained during these battles.

Big Game

In this event five players battle one player. Sounds a bit unfair? The one player is a ‘big brawler’ and their character is HUGE, with massive health, improved damage, faster reload and enhanced abilities, but no ability to self-heal. The big brawler is to stay alive and sustain as little as damage as possible for the 2-minute game whilst the other five normal brawlers aim to defeat the big brawler as quickly as possible. The big brawler is randomly picked during match making so be prepared as you do not know when you might get it!

Boss Fight

In this special event, three players team up to battle a tanky Boss Robot. After each win, the Robot grows stronger for the next game in both increased health and increased damage. Eventually the Boss can go into multiple anger modes (Angry, Furious, Enraged & God Mode) that increases the damage, output, speed and difficulty of attacks. They can also deliver massive melee attacks, laser attacks, charge, summon robot minions and fire long range rockets! Make sure you have a well-equipped team because once Big Boss goes god mode… Well, let’s just say it will not be a long game after that.

Robo Rumble

In Robo Rumble, three players battle against increasingly difficult waves of robot enemies whilst protecting a safe with 45,000 health that the robots are seeking to destroy. With each game win the difficulty increases meaning bigger stronger robots. Think of this as Brawl Stars horde mode. 4 kinds of robots can spawn; melee robot with high health and low damage, sniper robots have low health and high damage from range, mini robots have medium health and are a good all-rounder and finally the Big Robots. They only arrive on wave 5 and on their own. They need to be destroyed before the next wave begins, otherwise things get a bit intense!

Super City Rampage

In Super City rampage, three players are up against a Mega Monster, trying to defeat it before it destroys the whole city. This is similar to ‘Boss Fight’ except you must also worry about the health of the city plus the damage of your opponent. The Mega Monster focuses on destroying the city, but as its health is depleted will go into moments of anger where he will attack brawlers directly. These moments become key in this game mode as it will be distracting the Mega Monster from destroying the city. It is time to be a hero! Each game you win the Mega Monster will become stronger and much faster at destroying the city.

Power Play

Once you unlock a Star Power for a brawler, that brawler can then be used in the Power Play event. Power play is limited to 3 games per day and can be Gem Grab, Heist, Siege, Brawl Ball or Bounty. The total number of power play matches available per season is 42. You will receive 30 Points if your team wins, 15 if the game ends in a draw and you receive 5 Points if you lose. You can also win 3 extra points per match for an Epic Win. The maximum number of Points that can be earned is 1386. Power play matchmaking is based on the amount of power play points you have in that season, and no trophies are gained or lost during these games.


Characters (Brawlers)

Brawl Stars now has 43 playable characters available to unlock (As of February 2021). Each of them has quirky looks and have wildly different abilities and play styles. There is a perfect combo of 3 brawlers for each map of each game type. You just must figure them out…

Brawlers are defined in brawl stars as; common, epic, rare, super rare, mythic, legendary and chromatic. But this doesn’t tell you much about them, it is more about how difficult they are to come by and how you get them. However, you can also think about them like this;

Assassin brawlers: Edgar, Leon, Crow, Mortis

Batter Brawlers: Bibi

Fighter Brawlers: Colette, Surge, Shelly, Tara, Jessie, Nita, Nani & Bo

Firebreather Brawlers: Amber

Support Brawlers: Lou, Byron, Max, Sandy, Gene, Gale and Colonel Ruffs

Thrower Brawlers: Tick, Dynamike, Barley, Sprout

Sharpshooter: 8-BIT, Spike, Colt, Bea, Piper, Mr.P, Brock and Rico.

Heavyweight Brawlers: Darryl, El Primo, Bull, Jacky, Frank and Rosa.



Map variety is never a problem in Brawl Stars, across all of the game modes there is 225 maps, which are in a rotation daily! Meaning there is always a reason to Brawl today. Fan favourites come around more often than others but there is still a great diversity of maps, the trouble is finding the best brawler or the best combination of brawlers for each map.

Brawl Stars has also recently introduced their map maker and to go along with that offer a candidates of the day game where online players can test and try out community made maps and vote whether they want to play them again. Whichever map gets the most votes they offer as a trophy map where you can gain trophies from playing. Candidate of the Day maps are not played for trophies.


There is multiple several aspects of progression in Brawl Stars and so much to sink your teeth into;


Trophies are the true measure of yours and each character’s progress. They are awarded or taken away based on the results from each match you play. Each Brawler has their own trophy count, and all your Brawlers trophies added together equal your total trophy count. Trophies are earned by playing any regular game mode and winning the match. As you progress through the trophy road where you can earn new Brawlers, coins and more, you will start to lose trophies per every regular game mode match you lose. So as each Brawler goes up the ranks it will start to become much tougher to gain those trophies. Matchmaking is also based of the number of trophies you have with the Brawler you are playing with. So, when you get a new brawler with 0 trophies, it is going to be much easier to win as you might be playing against less experienced players. 


Coins are obtained as you level up through the trophy road, complete the Brawl Pass season and in loot boxes called Brawl Boxes. Coins are used to upgrade brawlers or buy daily deals in the Brawl Stars Shop. In the shop they can be used to gain power points and on occasion Gadgets, Stars powers and some other perks.


Gems are another currency in Brawl Stars. They can be used in the shop to purchase Brawl Boxes, Brawlers, Skins, Token Doublers, Pins, Coins, Power Points, and the Brawl Pass.


Tokens are earned by participating in any game mode and extra are awarded to you whenever a new event opens. These tokens are add up and help you progress along the Brawl Pass.

Power Points

Power points are found in Brawl Boxes, Trophy Road or buying them in the shop. Once your Brawlers has enough Power Points they can be upgraded with coins to the next level. The higher the level the greater number of points you need. With each upgrade your Brawler becomes stronger and receives better health.


Once a brawler reaches Power Level 7, you can unlock gadgets with coins or randomly in Brawl Boxes. Gadgets are special abilities that are used during matches and are similar to super attacks. However, gadgets are limited to a few uses per game. Once you use it in a game it must recharge for 5 seconds before you can use the gadget again.

Star Powers

A Star Power is a Brawlers special ability; you can obtain one once you reach level 9 with Power Points for each individual brawler. But this doesn’t grant you a Star Power as you must unlock them either with coins in the shop or in a Brawl Box. There is a 1% chance of getting one free in a Brawl Box. Each Brawlers Star Power is different and most Brawlers will have two to collect.

Brawl Boxes

Brawl Boxes are the main way of obtaining brawlers and other items in Brawl Stars. You obtain Brawl Boxes from the trophy road, the shop, or the Brawl Pass. There are 3 types of brawl boxes; a regular Brawl Box, a Big Box which is the same as 3 regular boxes, and Mega Boxes which are equivalent to 10 regular boxes. Brawl Boxes can contain; Brawlers, Token Doublers, Star Powers, Gadgets, Power Points and Coins.

Trophy Road

The Trophy Road is the way you track your progress and overall trophy count. Along the way you earn skins, Brawl Boxes, Brawlers, Powers Points and more! 9 brawlers are earned along the trophy road, including my personal favourite Brawler; Bull.

Brawl Pass

Think of this as your Call of Duty season pass style of progression system. It was implemented recently in May 2020. Tokens are used to unlock tiers that reward you with Brawl Boxes, Coins, Power Points and Gems. The Brawl Pass costs 169 gems for the seasons and allows you to unlock exclusive rewards such as Chromatic Brawlers. 169 is obtainable without spending any money during a season for the next one too. However, if you want to just buy the gems Supercell are cool with that too.


Pins are collectable emotes in Brawl Stars. They can be used during games and in game room chat with your team. Each pin is classed as common, rare, or epic and can come as happy, sad, angry, good game, thanks, special and even more Brawl Pass exclusive emotes.


Quests are unlocked at 300 trophies on the trophy road. Small quests are generated daily for you to complete. Medium and large quests are generated every Tuesday and Thursday and last until the end of that season. There are additional quests for people that have unlocked the Brawl Pass. You are rewarded with tokens for completing each quest.

Graphics on mobile games are never going to blow you away but in recent years have made massive improvements. Brawl Stars has a cartoonish style of graphics but never disappoints and is always sharp for both the maps or the characters. Brawl Stars is a is a premium looking mobile game.

I have personally been playing Brawl Stars casually for about 18 months now and regularly play with others, especially the My MOD team to make 3. Brawl Stars has brought me some of my best gaming moments, laughs and biggest frustrations and because of that I urge you to check it out. It’s great, it’s free and you might just fall in love with it, just like us.

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