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March 2nd

Call Of Duty – Cold War | Season 2


General News

The Devs on Call of Duty have been working hard bringing a whole bunch of new content for new battle pass season 2 that was released on February 25th, 2020. This time round its bigger and better than it has ever been so it’s probably worth your time going through what we feel will be the biggest changes coming to the game.

OUTBREAK (Zombies)

A whole new – Large scale Zombies map that aims to take the old recipe, pour it into a can of Wunderfizz and shake it up into a whole new experience. With Maps taken from the Fireteam gameplay mode on CoD Black Ops Cold War, you can get an idea of how big these maps are going to be. For the first time ever, we will get to experience vehicles in Zombies for the first time, taking the traditional linear elements of Zombies and expanding it into a massive open world to bring an entirely new dimension to this fan favourite series.

Additional to this, we will also be able to rank up our skill tiers in zombies to 5 instead of 3, allowing for more replay-ability and the introduction of a new Ammo Mod and Field upgrade to shift the meta and keep the game fresh. Aethrium Crystals will return but, on this occasion, have been adapted into Refined & Flawless Aethrium Crystals. It is not yet fully disclosed on how this works, but a good guess would be that it may work in a similar fashion to uncommon and rare salvage in DIE MACHINE or FIREBASE Z but for modding your skills instead of in game weapons and armour. This is possibly an attempt to elongate the skill development. 

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Frenzied Guard (FIELD UPGRADE)
Upon activation, all enemies will immediately target the Frenzied Guard user for a brief period, during which time only Armor will take damage. 

Use Aethrium Crystals to upgrade Frenzied Guard with powerful modifiers, such as having it repair all Armor upon activation, increasing its duration to 15 seconds, and even slowing all normal enemies to walk speed while its active

Shatter Blast (AMMO MOD) 

The Pack-a-Punch machine and Elemental Pop will now include the Shatter Blast Ammo Mod, which makes all bullets deal explosive damage. 

Death Machine (SCORESTREAK) 

For those looking for a touch of nostalgia on your update. The Death Machine is due to return in CoD Black Ops Multiplayer. A fan favourite from previous Black Ops games, this killstreak will also be available on the new Outbreak zombies map and is set to be one of the most useful new tools to the arsenal. 

Cold War Season 2 Trailer

New Operators

The newest Update will see 4 more operators become available for use in Call of Duty.


Born in Laos and raised through decades of conflict, Kapano “Naga” Vang is a former warlord who grew rich trafficking drugs and weapons through the notorious Golden Triangle. 


For the first time in Black Ops history, Samantha Maxis will be a playable Operator – and not just in Zombies. Following her rescue from the Omega Group at “Firebase Z,” 


Terrell Wolf learned to hunt in the bayous of Louisiana surrounding his grandparent’s home. Entering service on his 18th birthday in memory of his fallen brother, he now stalks more dangerous prey as an elite Delta Force sniper. 


The other Operator joining Woods in the search for Adler, Karla Rivas grew up in Nicaragua surrounded by the Menendez Cartel and their wars with rival gangs. 

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New Guns

Even with all of the Black Op’s guns now a part of Warzone, Treyarch and Raven decided that it wasn’t enough and have given us 6 more to play around with.

Fara 83 (AR)
This fully automatic assault rifle is a heavyweight among its peers, as it claims one of the fastest fire rates in its class and outstanding effective range for solid damage.

LC10 (SMG) 
A well-rounded full auto submachine gun, the LC10 grants CQB Operators the ability to stretch fights out into the mid-range on a smaller, agile weapon platform thanks to its solid accuracy and extended effective damage range.

ZRG 20mm (SNIPER) 
Built for sharpshooters who need power to eliminate targets at extremely long ranges, this bolt-action sniper rifle boasts a faster bullet velocity than any other weapon in its class

R1 Shadow Hunter (CROSSBOW) 
This crossbow’s simple and lightweight design allows for great handling and quieter eliminations.

E – Tool (MELEE) 
Put your enemy six feet under with the E-Tool, a military style tri-fold shovel typically used to dig a defensive fighting position.

Machete (MELEE) 
Manufactured from a durable steel blade, the Machete is a broad foot-long blade tempered to maximum toughness in order to withstand chipping and breaking.

fara83 season 2

Warzone Update

In addition to the new weapons and Operators. Warzone receives new points of interest to explore. It will also feature a new loot pool, so expect different weapons when you start opening up them boxes. We have all noticed the Cargo Ship in the storm just off of the coast in Verdansk, edging closer and closer to the map. The story goes that it travelled from Rebirth Island and has drifted to Verdansk and no contact with the ship’s crew can be made. This has caused some fans to speculate that Zombies of some description could become a part of the Battle Royale, although this is unverified.

It does however give off an eerie vibe that some would attribute to a horror style theme.  
Not only this but other areas of the map within Verdansk are due to change. Parts of the Season 2 trailer indicate an interior space of what appears to be a missile silo looking very similar to the uncovered underground base underneath Verdansk airport. A CoD blog has described the changes as ‘Shocking’. We don’t feel like it will be “Fortnite” style compete map revamp but we are hoping that the topography of the map is certainly shaken up. 

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New Game Mode: Exfiltration (IN SEASON) 

During an Exfiltration Battle Royale, a portable radio crackles into life, coming online somewhere in Verdansk. The Operator who secures this radio and holds onto it for a sufficient period of time automatically wins the game for them (or their squad, in non-Solo modes). To ensure their exfil isn’t by the book, anyone holding the radio is marked on the Tac Map as if they were under a Most Wanted Contract (also known as an HVT or High Value Target) with all Operators also receiving intel on how much longer the current radio holder has until they win. Other than this new win condition, the same Battle Royale rules apply. Expect a circle collapse and a winner to be determined by last Operator or squad standing, should nobody receive an early exfil with the radio. 

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