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Call of Duty | Multiplayer Ultimate Guide 2021


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COD Changed the GAME!

Call of Duty changed the online multiplayer world with Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare in 2007. Ever since then it has continued to improve and rapidly increase its fan base. With the new release of Call of Duty: Cold War back in November download launch sales are up almost 39% compared with last year’s release, with a reported 5.7 million digital units sold. So now more than ever you are facing the best in the game, every game. No matter how many streamers you watch and how many hours of game play you rack up, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Whether you are a new player or have been playing since day one this Call of Duty Ultimate Guide can help you rack up more kills with a lot less deaths. It’s time to exceed your shooting limits and show everyone what you can really do. Let’s PLAY. 

Call Of Duty - Modern Warfare / Credit: Activision


Learn YOUR play style.

An incredibly basic point that probably wouldn’t justify as a “call of duty pro tip”.  KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES. You may be the world’s best sniper but if you’ve only ever used assault rifles, how do you know? Try supporting with an LMG or applying pressure with an SMG… There are many ways to play Call of Duty and you don’t even have to pick just one.

Pick the RIGHT perks.

Some perks are useless for some maps/game modes so do not be afraid to adapt your load out to the map that is about to be played. For example on Call of Duty MW when playing the map shipment, due to its chaos and how short the average life is, it makes no sense to have ghost turned on as you are always going to be seeable or hearable to the other team. But then something like Hardline may be useful to achieve kill streaks that fraction quicker.

WALK! Stop running.

If 2 opposing players approach a corner from opposite sides, one is running and the other is aiming down the sights and ready to fire. Which one is most likely to win the gun battle? Yep, you’re right! 9 times out of 10 it’s the guy or gal aiming down their sights ready to go… Make sure you are this person and make sure you choose your runs carefully, this could be the difference you need to take that No.1 spot.

STOP reloading… until you NEED too.

A common problem with many players is that they simply reload too often. This can then lead to a 2nd or 3rd enemy walking round the corner and killing you whilst you’re stood there with clip in your hand. Thats never a good mov e. If you have a 40 mag clip, you’ve spent 15 bullets but think there are others nearby, do not reload. If you’re super low on bullets whip out your secondary…  If you’re using overkill they certainly wont be expecting it.

Footsteps in a headset sound like THIS!!!! 

A decent headset if going to save your life over and over and over and over again. It will probably get you just as many extra kills too. Footsteps in call of duty are really loud and when moving on metal surfaces you might as well have a permeant red dot on the near by opponents mini map. By investing in a good quality headset you will find people knifing you in the back is a thing of the past.

BONUS TIP: The quietest way to move is crouched, aiming down the sights. But this is also the slowest way to move. Use it wisely.

Mini Map.

Believe it or not the Mini Map is useful at ALL times not just when there is a UAV. You should train yourself to look towards the mini map at any opportunity. From here you will be able to see where the majority of enemies are, where your team is and most likely give you an idea of where the other team is going to pop out. This can massively change your game.

Flank opponents.

Much like the first point this is a very obvious, but you should try to attack from different angles and heights. Running down the middle every time makes it very easy to kill you and makes you very predictable. You would laugh out loud if you killed someone for the 3rd time because they kept going to the same spot…. so don’t be that guy.

Use your damn loadout.

You spend 30 minuets selecting the perfect gun, perks and equipment. But let’s be honest, how many times do you die without using some or even any of your equipment? Now that’s not to say you should just go throwing around grenades hoping for a kill (although it does work sometimes!) Why not try throwing one grenade at the front, then run in a side or back door. More often than not they will be anticipating you to come through the door the grenade was thrown through…

DON’T just quit. DO run away.

Sometimes you are just outnumbered. You’re low on health and just don’t have a good enough angle. Rather than trying to land a 4x collateral, 360, jump shot with your last bullet in the clip, consider just… running away. Regain your composure, health and ammo and then go back to finish the job. Sometimes, to be the hero you shouldn’t act like a hero.

Advanced Individual Training

Use the right killstreaks.

Chopper gunners are awesome. But how often do you really get one? Maybe it’s worth considering other killstreaks that may require less kills. You could spend a whole game trying to get 10 kill streak and fall short, or you could spend a game achieving 4x 5 kill killstreaks which can help shift the outcome of the match.

Learn Spawns.

Clue is in the heading really. If your buddy just got a triple kill and you know the spawn points, it could lead to another triple kill. If you don’t know the spawn points you could have 20kg of lead in your back within 20 seconds.


We cannot emphasise the importance of headshots enough. If 2 people start shooting at each other one at the legs and the other at the head. The person landing the headshots will always come out on top, it just does so much more damage compared to shooting anywhere else. This may seem like a basic point but watch how many times per night you could have probably got the kill rather than dying if you just aimed up a little.

Watch the Pros play.

They are Pro CoD players for a reason and they are better than all of us. So many videos are available on Twitch and Youtube where you can literally learn from the best. Rather than just watching the videos thinking “woah this is amazing”, instead watch thinking “what did they do to achieve that? How can I use that in my playing style?”. Theres no better feeling than using a play you’ve seen elsewhere and using it successfully.

Find a Team or Go Solo

You can choose to either make the game all about yourself, for example going in on Domination just going for kills, only capturing easy points and never laying down or covering during fire. This isn’t going to gain you a tonne friends but you probably will get a higher position on the scoreboard. OR you can play as a team. You’ll win the game but personally your scoreboard may not look as spectacular. Communicating with your team can help put you in the best position on the map. But sometimes you can be in a team of randoms with no communication and this isn’t much help. If you’re playing solo it may be best to be selfish…

Upgraded Equipment

Internet connection.

Before you go out and spend silly money on a new TV, controller and everything else. Someone having a faster connection than you is going to put you at a disadvantage, whether that’s a tiny difference or a huge one depends on both connections. The best and cheapest way to boost this, is to plug your PC/Console into the router rather than relying on wifi. To take it to the next level from there you get the absolute joy of talking to your internet service provider.

How much does a different screen make a difference?

If you’re screen has a response time of 8ms and someone else has one at 1ms then they have a 7ms response advantage.

Frames per second, describes how smoothly a given game runs on your PC/Console. The more frames you can pack into one second, the more smooth motion will be on-screen. The other advantage this gives is you should see someone round a corner faster at higher frame rates compared to lower ones. Possibly edging out another few millisecond advantages.

Resolution looks awesome but 1080p, 1440p and 4k don’t really make that much of a difference in term of any advantage it just looks prettier.

Custom Controller

SCUF or Xbox Elite 2 Controllers are a game changer and can greatly improve your performance. Simply because the paddles allow you to do everything faster meaning its easier to jump or slide round a corner, making you incredibly hard to kill. Check out our full breakdown of these controller here.

Credit: Microsoft

Here are a few tips for altering your settings and things you may want to consider when doing so:

By default, to give a realistic feel both; World Motion Blur and Weapon Motion Blur are turned on. But by having them you are making it harder for yourself to potentially see enemy players.

As explained earlier the Mini Map is extremely important and if you have your mini map as a square rather than a circle, the surface area of the map is slightly more giving you an advantage.

Turn off your controller vibration, this is a weird feeling at first but over time you may find you become much better in high pressure situations such as 1v1 due to the vibration no longer throwing off your aim and distracting you.

It’s all about finding what is best for you. Everyone plays a little different so finding the right set up can take a while. Try altering the following settings to get started;

Horizontal Stick Sensitivity – 7-10
Vertical Stick Sensitivity – 7-10
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (Low Zoom) – 1.28
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (High Zoom) – 1.44
Aim response curve – Standard
Controller Vibration – OFF
Slide Behaviour – Tap

World Motion Blur – OFF
Weapon Motion Blur – OFF
Mini Map Shape – Square

So it’s time to put what we preach into practise. In the end it’s really down to your personal preferences and playing in a way that gives you your best chances of getting the kills and eventually the win. Let’s get down to business and PLAY.

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