February 22nd

Forza Horizons 5 | What To Expect


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Since its beginning in 2012, the Forza Horizon series has become probably the most successful open world driving game series that has ever been released. The latest edition, Forza Horizon 4, is no exception. Playground games have managed to take all of the technical elements from the main Forza Motorsport series, simplified them and added a whole tonne of personality allowing both the most decorated Forza veteran and the first-time noob to jump seamlessly into an amazing gaming experience. Community is at the Heart of the Forza Horizon. Convoy’s, large scale live events, creative hubs and modding blueprints – to a ‘social media style’ follower interface, exceptional photography mode and companion app so you can show off your fastest cars in the greatest moments. It truly is the only driving game for this type of engagement. 

At My Mod we believe nothing rivals the Forza Horizon series if you are looking for a similar recipe. Other choices will only disappoint. Being an Xbox only title must surely grind the gears of anyone who plays anything but. The good news is on the 9th of March this year, Forza Horizon 4 will be available on the Steam store. This will be around two and a half years since its original Xbox release (OCT 2018) so with that in mind, what can we expect from this series going into the future?

One thing for sure is that PlayStation will most likely sit comfortably on the Gran Turismo series (GT7 expected late 2021) in direct competition with Forza 8 also due to release this year. This won’t be leaving much room in the racing genre to stand out from the rest. The steam release also suggests that there is still plenty of life left in Forza Horizon 4. We can be confident in saying that a 2022 – 2023 release of FH5 will be the most likely scenario.

Rumours of the next game started a couple of months ago when a reputed journalist stated that he is expecting that another Forza Horizon game literally on the Horizon.

Three screenshots of what seems to be a map featured in Forza Horizon 5 were allegedly leaked on Reddit which indicates that the game could be set in Japan. These maps show the Yokohama and Gunma regions of Japan, with Mount Fuji also being shown in the photos. In the real world, Japan has a reputation as a driving mecca for very famous underground driving communities like the Kanjo Tribe, Mid Night Club and the Otaku culture groups. Could we expect more of an underground tuner theme that we’ve see in previous NFS titles of the past? We’re guessing maybe a bit more emphasis on drifting this time round also.

Whether the leak is true or not, if playground games stick to the fundamentals and don’t mess around with the formula too much, we can expect the racing series to be bigger and better than ever.  None of the games in the series have ever had review scores lower that 9/10 of any of the major publications. So, there’s a couple years at max left to wait until we can expect to be burning rubber in the land of the rising sun.

If the leaks are anything to go by, we thought that it would be fun to guess what sort of Landmarks and real-life aspects you could find when you start up FH5 for the first time.


Like Great Britain, Japan also sees incredible seasonal fluctuations so expect to see the same gameplay dynamic applied to FH5. From the winter snow-capped mountains of the Gunma prefecture to the Cherry Blossoms of inner-city Yokohama in the spring, there will be an occasion for each part of the year. It would be a huge step back if this is not implemented in future titles.

Hakone Hill Climb | Kanagawa Prefecture

The iconic Hakone Hill Climb would almost certainly be on any driving enthusiasts bucket list. The road took the pioneers of drifting to the remote mountain passes where the technique was born and has a surface that’s better suited to a speedway than a normal street. We pray that this will be replicated for FH5.

Mount Haruna | Gunma Prefecture

A driver’s paradise that serves as the setting of a culture of drifting. At Mount Haruna you’ll see plenty of modified cars that have come out just to take the illustrious drive in real life. We could imagine that when inspiration is needed to build an amazing map in a video game, designers will be looking at places like this to do so.

Japanese Expressways

It’s hard not to imagine a map of Japan without including the major expressways. Made famous in social culture by the likes of ‘Fast & Furious – Tokyo Drift’ and the famous Japanese circuits on the Gran Turismo video game series. The expressways are an icon to themselves and we would be very surprised if we didn’t see them in a potential future map. In every FH title since the first there have been motorway sections, but in every example they have been finite. A ‘Wangan’ style Bayshore route circuit famous for street racers in real life could be a better alternative.

Chiba Prefecture

From the leaked images there is nothing to suggest that Tokyo will feature as a city in FH5. Although Yokohama is adjacent to Tokyo in real life, it seems as though this will be the largest urbanised part of the map. What does tickle our interest is the inclusion of the famous Tokyo Bay aqua line, a motor vehicle express way tunnelled into the earth to get across the bay. In real life this connects Yokohama to the Chiba prefecture, so it is entirely possible that the map shown in the leak is just one part of a larger map. We also see roads seemingly disappear into the right of the image which is where Chiba would be geographically.

There is definitely a lot to be looking forward too if the leaks do turn out to be true…. But we must say, we aren’t quite bored of Forza Horizon 4 yet, so we’ve got plenty to keep us busy.

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