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GTA 5 Online | How To Make Money


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As GTA Online continues to dominate the gaming world and with the confirmed next gen update coming this year, it is apparent that Rockstar Games are still dedicated to supporting their most lucrative asset to date. Good news for the GTA fan boys and girls then. In anticipation of this, we have put together an action plan that will help you to elevate your business empire and become the king pin on the streets of Los Santos.

The first thing that has to be said to anybody looking to get ahead in the world of GTA Online, is that it just doesn’t happen overnight. The way the game rewards you in the eyes of some is almost counter intuitive but it is fact that time = money. It can be overwhelming, there is an awful lot of ways to make money and things to get distracted by. The beautiful thing is that you can focus your time and attention on specific sectors, you will find that trying to cover everything will quickly become tiresome. We would also recommend that where possible, you operate as a group with your crew or fellow gamers because you will need all the help you can get when it comes to the grind later on down the line.

It’s worth mentioning that information on discounts, Twitch prime benefits and double cash and XP events are all disclosed on the R* social club news feed. Make the most of it because the discounts are pretty substantial and double cash is double cash so take it when you can.

Becoming a VIP, MC or CEO is the best way to make money. At the lowest end of the scale (VIP) you will still need a minimum of $50.000 in your account to register via the SecuroServe option in the interaction menu. If you are struggling to obtain that money. Offer your services to other VIP, MC’s or CEOS as a bodyguard and jump in on their profiteering ventures.

Now that you are well on your way, there’s money in the bank, you now need a constant revenue stream. For this you will need to be a CEO or MC. The CEO role is obtainable through purchasing an office from the in-game internet service DYNASTY8 Executive.

Helpful Tip:  It’s not worth doing any of the upgrades if your budget is tight. The modifications in most cases are superficial and have no purposeful function. DO NOT purchase the wall safe or the gun locker unless your happy throwing your hard-earned cash back to R*.

The MC is similar in concept to the CEO. You need a base of operations (MC clubhouse) from which to do your bidding. This can be purchased from the Maze Bank Foreclosure section of the in-game internet. Again, we would advise against superficial modifications, as these initial purchases are only the beginning of your business venture and will not actually generate income for you yet.

Helpful Tip: difference in all property prices are reflected by location only. A $4 million office is no different in function to a $1 million office. Location is key though, keep your businesses in close proximity to each other to reduce travel time and increase efficiency. Location is what you pay for.

At this point now, you will either have an office or an MC clubhouse, or you may even have both! Nothing is stopping you from purchasing them both at the same time. But what you cannot do is operate both businesses simultaneously, you are either a CEO or an MC. Your success later down the line will come from your ability to switch between the two as ergonomically as possible and switching is as simple as using the interaction menu.

With that covered it is now time for you to access the internal computers within both establishments (Securoserve network & The Open Road). These computers are unique in that they have different interfaces that access the CEO and MC portfolios. This is where your preference and personalisation come into play. Below see what available ventures there are for both CEO and MC businesses.


In practice, this is the least profitable option, the largest cargo warehouses are expensive, they take ages to fill without associates helping you and larger sells require multiple vehicles to deliver the goods. I have always maintained that a small warehouse at half capacity (1 truck delivery) is an ideal sell time for single players. As this is also the earliest DLC release by R* there are better options going forward. Storing product for a rainy day is a good option when you have branched out to maximise your workload but be aware that sometimes your warehouse is in threat of being raided by NPC villains or Police. If you do not complete the raid mission your product is confiscated, and you will have to start again.

Vehicle Cargo

To this day for us at My Mod the vehicle warehouse is the quickest way to guarantee big bucks. Purchasing a vehicle warehouse will give you the ability to steal cars through internal missions and store them in your warehouse. The warehouse has a laptop that you can use to execute sales. Cars can be modified at a price but will increase their ticket value when you sell them. For a single player this is a great option because top end vehicle sales have $80k profit and can be regenerated every 15 minutes providing you have the vehicle stock to sell. However, the more associates you have, the more cars you can sell.

Helpful tips – Cargobobs can be purchased to transport vehicles through the air for faster delivery.

MC businesses operate in a similar fashion to the CEO. There are 5 types of MC businesses and they have been listed below :

Document Forgery Office

Counterfeit Cash Factory

Weed Farm

Methamphetamine Lab

Cocaine Lockup

Each option has multiple buildings to choose from, but we would suggest picking either the cheapest or, if you’re willing, spend a little more to keep your business locations closer together. You can own 1 building for each business option but not multiple buildings for the same business option. I.E if you buy a second cocaine lab, it will replace the one you purchased previously. Once you have selected which businesses you would like, you will then need to run them in order to generate profit.  Your SUPPLIES & STOCK is the main gameplay element. Building supplies is done by steal missions or simply to purchase straight from the internal computer (The open road). We recommend stealing at first because it is free. There are additional upgrades that can increase your work productivity.

Equipment upgrades and staff upgrades are the most important, we advise you do this as soon as possible. Security upgrades will reduce how often your business may get raided by NPC Authorities, this happens occasionally but not often enough to warrant the security upgrade straight away. You can come back to these businesses when you have built up enough expendable cash and complete the upgrades then. At this point we would also recommend purchasing the supplies instead of stealing them, this expedites the operation to your staff which gives you free time to focus on other ventures. Selling the supplies has an element of R & D, you don’t know with full stock whether you sell your product through one vehicle or multiple. So, at full stock sell with a crew or as single player sell at a quarter full to ensure you only have one vehicle to deliver.

At this point in our walk through you will now be well encapsulated in your CEO and MC operations. It is now time to try something a little different. What’s good about being here is that the foundations for a successful enterprise are in place. The Base is strong and now you need the icing on the cake as it were. Next stop – the elite league.

Below is a list of other business types to own:

In principle, exactly the same as CEO cargo. The purchase of a hangar does come with benefits, the ability to store airplanes and helicopters that you have purchased and even customise from an optional workshop upgrade. This is as far as it goes in terms of positives, I’m afraid. The missions are lengthy, and difficult. Maximum risk for very little results. To fill the warehouse is also very time consuming and cannot be expedited. The return on investment is also very poor in the Long run, considering how much time is required to focus on it.

Helpful Tip: Buy when you’re super rich and use as a garage for your cool planes and helicopters.


All of the above are required for Heists, The Facility is for the Doomsday heist, High end apartments give you access to Lester Crest Heists, Arcade for the Casino Heist and a Submarine for the Cayo Perico Heist. For Heists you need a minimum of 2 players (4 of the original 5 heists require 4 players). It also requires large amounts of co-operation. The Upside is huge pay-outs and if you complete the heists to the highest standards you will get bonuses. The downside is that a heist requires a buy in, it includes set up missions for intelligence gathering. It is both time consuming and without a good, well-oiled crew behind you, quite difficult too. Also, the profit from these huge jobs is split between the crew and all too often there can be disagreements regarding pay-out percentages which has to be determined prior to the heist itself.

There are of course additional benefits to owning all of these business types. Facility gives you access to store an Avenger, a specialised vehicle for use in the GTA online. High end apartments will allow you to store personal vehicles. The Arcade gives you a place to chill and play arcade titles with you and your online buddies.


Bunkers have large profitability and operate in the exact same way a MC business operates, a benefit to the bunker is that it can be operated as a CEO or an MC. The staff and equipment upgrades are essential but the security option is not necessary unless you have some expendable cash. You can also store a Mobile operation centre here which is a specialised vehicle similar to the Avenger for your facility.

Helpful Tip – Purchase closer to the centre of the map to reduce delivery distances.


The Pièce de resistance to your GTA Online enterprise. Once you have all of the business above, the nightclub will give you an opportunity to expedite it entirely to NPC crew members that you can hire. It means that you can go about your time playing poker in the casino or partying in your penthouse or Yacht.

It is important to know that even though this is being done for you. It does not affect the stock levels of the actual businesses themselves. The upside is Nightclub profit accrued is completely separate to profit accrued from the individual operation. I.E selling your cannabis stock from the nightclub will not drop your stock level from your actual cannabis farm

Also, the nightclub stock does not require steal missions to increase, this is done over time and the rate in which it increases is determined by how many Technicians you have operating in the nightclub and how many businesses you have available for the technician to be assigned too. For maximum profit, buy all warehouse floors to increase the capacity of stock

Helpful Tip – Nightclub Management and Warehouse management are split. Warehouse management is controlled from your computer in your nightclub office. Nightclub management is optional but for money making is not required.

Once you’re happy to sell your stock, it has to be sold through a customisable delivery vehicle. The good news is that you only need one vehicle to deliver your goods and the vehicle can be customised with guns and armour to protect you from invading trolls.

Now that we have loosely covered the main money-making areas of GTA Online. You will have to put this into practice and think of a method or action plan that suits your preferences. Here is an example of the method I’ve been using below to give you some tips!

Resupply and sell businesses from Arcade

Maximise technicians and stock space at nightclub (allow it to fill to capacity)

Keep Terrorbyte near vehicle warehouse for vehicle steal and sell missions

In-between reset counters do CEO Interaction missions

Only buy things at discount if possible

Collect your free spin and Visitor bonus chips from Casino daily

If you have Twitch prime benefits, collect them where possible



For the fledgling entrepreneur, the buzzard is a must have. Simply because it is fairly cheap on the grand scale of things and it can be spawned right next to you as a CEO vehicle from the interaction menu. In the absence of the more expensive vehicles such as the oppressor, this is your go to vehicle to get from A to B quickly.


This control terminal will allow you to control all your business resupplies and sells from one location.  Saving you the wasted time traveling. When you are up to a certain point in your progression, this location will be your main hub from which to do everything. The master control terminal is an optional upgrade for the ARCADE and is worth every stolen dollar you can muster up.


This utility hover bike can have lock on missiles attached to it… Enough said. This is by far the most effective way to get around the map quickly. It spawns through the interaction menu and it appears next to you. For single play, if you don’t have this, you are going to be spending a lot more time travelling… It can also be stored in a TERRORBYTE specialised vehicle.


An ideal purchase for vehicle cargo missions, as you can source vehicles from its internal computer instead of having to travel to your CEO office to source them. Simply park the Terrorbyte outside of the warehouse for maximum efficiency. If you have the Oppressor MK 2, you can use that to travel to the vehicle location. This is a very useful money-making tactic if you are working alone.

Final Tip: Inbetween reset counters for supplies, missions and cargo, try your hand at exclusive CEO and MC missions in the interaction menu. These missions help fill in the time between resupplies or deliveries and some missions pay out pretty well for the time you spend doing them. We believe the head-hunter and sightseer missions are the best ones.


We cannot stress enough that when it comes down to the trolls on GTA online that you are at some point going to run into an opposing crew trying to ruin your operation. There is a CEO ability called Ghost organisation that essentially takes you, your crew and any supplies you’re running off the map for 3 minutes that costs $10.000 per use. Very useful to have when you anticipate hostility. Alternatively, for a cheaper price you can ring Lester to take you off the radar for 1 minute. This will not hide your crew if they are in another vehicle nor will it remove your business supplies sprite on the map.

So with this in mind you should have a great running start to building a functioning and exciting business life in Los Santos. Are you ready to be at the top of game? Let’s play!

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