February 12th

LEC | Week 2 – Results & Summary


General News

It was great to see the LEC back in action after week 1. I’m always excited to get back from work on Friday evening so I can sit back, chill and watch the LEC unfold and this weekend provided some of the most exciting LoL action so far.

The format was slightly different in week 2 with all teams only playing 2 games across the Friday and the Saturday rather than the three as per week 1. G2 Esports and Rogue came into this week undefeated with Astralis, Fnatic and Team Vitality all fighting it out in the bottom three.


Excel Esports vs Mad Lions (W)

Mad Lions came into this week 2-1 looking to continue their good form. Elyoya whipped out the Ivern jungle in the first appearance after being chosen top on two occasions previously. Mad Lions took the early game with two kills as Tore overstepped a couple of times. Excel did strike back however securing a couple of kills with an interesting solo kill in the mid lane for Czekolad against rival Humanoid. Excel were trying to get back into the game however strong team fights and better positioning from Mad Lions helped them to their win taking them to 3-1.

Rogue (W) vs Misfits

I was quite looking forward to this match myself. Rogue came into this 3-0 looking to continue their streak against a Misfits team who looked quite promising in the previous 3 matches with a record of 2-1. Misfits had a game plan coming into the early game quite aggressively picking up a few early kills. Misfits tried backing Rogue into a corner but as the team with arguably the best macro in the LEC at the moment behind G2, Rogue were not having it. The match became quite skirmish heavy with no team shying away from starting a fight. Rogue committed to baron and almost lost the game then and there with HiRit finding the sneaky triple knock up onto three members of Rogue. Unfortunately they were unable to capitalise taking down only one member of the enemy team. Overall, Misfits were much more indecisive and with Rogue being more well versed in the end game objective play the game came to and end at 34 minutes with Hans sama taking the MVP medal.

Credit: Google

Credit: Google

Team Vitality vs Fnatic (W)

In my opinion this game was the biggest stomping of the day alongside G2’s win over Astralis. I’m not 100% sure what happened to Team Vitality, they just couldn’t handle anything thrown at them. Bwipo picked Renekton in the top lane against Szygenda on Gnar. Bwipo, not true to his form in the past few games really stepped up helping his team to the win. Overall Fnatic were a much stronger team, vitality unfortunately had nothing to say and couldn’t answer with any strong plays of their own. At 25 minutes in, Fnatic had secured 3 drakes and were 14 – 4 up in kills. 9 minutes later they game was over with Selfmade picking up the MVP spot.

G2 Esports (W) vs Astralis

In all honesty, I went into this game and I expect many people did thinking G2 were going to stompy all over Astralis, who haven’t been in their greatest form. G2 were very aggressive pushing against the Astralis line and Astralis actually held on quite well.  G2 overstepped on a number of occasions where Astralis took advantage and managed to win a couple of good team fights. Compared with their previous matches, Astralis looked very decent. G2 however with Jankos leading the charge showed their dominance and took the win in 33 minutes taking them to 4-0.

FC Schalke 04 (W) vs SK Gaming

This spring split, there have been some interesting picks and this game was no different. Dr Mundo being chosen by TynX in the Jungle was a surprising pick to say the least. Schalke 04 got off to a good start, catching Blue off guard in the mid lane and picking up a couple of kills. Objectives were traded back and forth. SK Gaming started looking much better after taking 3 drakes and TynX getting a quadra kill with Dr Mundo. Sadly they couldn’t make use of the advantage with Schalke pushing back securing the next dragon and finally taking the baron and the win. Gilius took the MVP medal in a 32 minute match.

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Credit: Google

Excel Esports (W) vs Astralis

Day two was kicked off between Excel and Astralis. It was quite a boring game in my opinion. A long 40 minute slogger with very little kills. No big fights around objectives and long breaks between kills. Excel was slowly getting a foot in above Astralis who weren’t able to take advantage of the team composition. White Knight didn’t take advantage of the farming opportunities and just wound up wandering around with his team not doing much which funnily, was mentioned on occasions by the castors. At 40 minutes Excel finally, although deservedly, took the game but this game proves that both teams need to take it up a notch if they want to progress much further.

FC Schalke 04 (W) vs G2 Esports

G2 at this point were unbeaten with only Rogue joining them. This game however was quite a surprise. G2 got behind early with Mikyx dying twice in the early game. Schalke managed to win most fights with both teams overcommitting on a number of occasions through the game. Schalke were looking much better in this match compared to their previous and at 25 minutes still had all their towers standing. G2 were really not feeling it this week although they did take 3 drakes towards the latter half of the match. Schalke were able to snowball their lead, backing G2 into a corner securing the dragon and taking the game in 35 minutes. I’ll admit this was an exciting game

Fnatic vs MAD Lions (W)

What a game this one. I’m sure that both teams had an agreement before they went into it saying that they would engage at every opportunity they could! Pretty much the entire game there was a fight going on. Every time the opposing team scoped out an enemy there was a fight. The game itself wasn’t structurally sound, it was very back and forth with sporadic objective plays. No team really played exceptionally well, Kaiser had a great game on Rell securing himself the MVP medal. Although it was a very entertaining game to watch, it didn’t bring the best gameplay that the LEC has to offer. MAD Lions did secure the win taking down Fnatic who were coming down off of a dominant win against Team Vitality on day 1.

SK Gaming (W) vs Misfits

After a slow first game I had better hopes for the second of day 2. Misfits took on SK Gaming in a relatively average match. Razork had a great match on day 1 in the exciting match between them and Rogue. He couldn’t continue this form however after dying a few times in the early game. His performance didn’t improve throughout the game and with the jungle role being so important in the modern day his team struggled also. SK Gaming recognised this and took advantage on any mistakes Misfits made. Kobbe tried his best to try and rally the team but couldn’t bring them to victory. SK Gaming picked up a deserving wiN taking them to 4-2.


Credit: Google

Credit: Google

Team Vitality vs Rogue (W)

Rogue had a close match on day one and with Vitality getting absolutely dominated by Fnatic, I had a feeling this match was going to be a quick one. However Vitality bounced back well after their previous defeat and managed to secure a few early kills securing a nice dive onto Odoamne in the top lane. Inspired fumbled a little bit all game and Vitality took advantage of that to take a small lead. Rogue made some questionable plays that Vitality counter acted on however they were unable to snowball from these. Rogue on the other hand kept pushing towers, increasing their gold lead and slowly chipping away at Vitality when finally taking the win in 40 minutes with Hans sama picking up the MVP medal.

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