February 19th

LEC | Week 3 – Results & Summary


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Fnatic (W) vs Astralis

In true form, Fnatic once again didn’t perform. Making quite a habit of this. It wasn’t the best of games however I do feel that Astralis did hold their own. There were lots of scrappy fights around the map, nothing too exciting. Fnatic were focusing more on individual skill rather than playing as a team and in turn made their win more difficult than it needed to be. Astralis looked quite good and look as if they are improving as a team. Fnatic didn’t necessarily deserve the win but scraped this one out winning in 28 minutes with Nisqy being awarded MVP.

Misfits vs Excel Esports (W)

Week two had some great moments. I went into this week with high hopes. I wasn’t expecting much however from game one of this week.  Misfits had a good start to the split however they couldn’t continue that form into the latter portion. Excel on the other hand didn’t have the best start but came into this game off of a good win in week two. Interestingly Kryze chose Chogath with Pantheon and Olaf being left open in the ban and pick phase. The game was entertaining in the early stage with some early ganks coming in from both sides. The game slowed down and Misfits seemed more comfortable. Misfits had trouble finding picks in the later game and Excel became too strong. Excel won the match in 38 minutes with Patrik picking up MVP.

MAD Lions vs SK Gaming (W)

Mad Lions had a great season in 2020 and they weren’t having a bad start to this years spring split. Winning both of their games last week and with SK Gaming being 4-2 I wanted this to be a good game. The draft phase was surprising with Treatz picking up Jarvan IV in a support role… Boy did it work out. They picked up first blood and he secured 14 assists. Mad Lions disappointingly didn’t play well and Carzzy gave up some early kills being too overzealous on the Tristana. This gave SK Gaming a bid lead and they didn’t let go. Mad Lions didn’t adjust well and Carzzy gave up 6 kills which harmed the team substantially. SK in the end had a surprising but easy victory.

Team Vitality vs G2 Esports (W)

G2 came into this week off the back of a loss to FC Schalke in week one. With this in mind it’s important to point out that G2 have a tendency to come back strong off of a loss and they really did, taking revenge out on poor Vitality. An interesting pick from Wunder choosing Quinn in the top lane. It worked however as Quinns lethality came in handy finishing 4-2-4. We did see another Jarvan IV pick from Vitality however it didn’t work as well for Vitality. G2 put on lots of pressure executing many ganks and jumping in on targets when they could to take them down. G2 won the match in 30 minutes with Rekkles picking up MVP.


FC Schalke 04 (W) vs Rogue

With FC Schalke winning last week against G2, was this their moment to take down both unbeaten teams this split. They came out of the blocks with a great team fight draft picking up Camille, Jarvan IV, Orianna, Kaisa & Rell. Rogue took a risky move by going into the game with no front laner so they needed to come out strong. They weren’t able to take as much of a lead as they wanted and Schalke really showed how well they could play this team comp. Schalke made early game ganks in groups and made sure they were grouped up to prevent being ganked well. Rogue couldn’t group up without Schalke pushing into them aggressively.  Rogue didn’t make it easy but Schalke finally took down the last unbeaten team in the split so far in 32 minutes with Abbedagge getting MVP.


G2 Esports vs Fnatic (W)

It wasn’t the longest, most strategic game of the week but boy did this match up entertain. The top seed G2 facing number 2 seed coming into this split Fnatic. Yes, Fnatic haven’t had the best start to the split but they played MUCH better on the weekend. The game started off in spectacular fashion with kills occurring all over the map. It was noticeable quite early that G2 were playing with some form of lag and high packet loss which was sad to see as Fnatic were playing an amazing game and this would’ve been a great match up. Fnatic took no prisoners in this one with Bwipo absolutely ‘tearing peoples head off’… sorry Rekkles. Even when G2 tried diving 3 vs 1 Fnatic would always come out trading at least one kills never giving G2 a big enough lead. After 20 minutes it was 10-15 in kills showing how busy of an early to mid-game it was. Fnatic however finally broke down the G2 walls and held them to only their second loss of the split so far.

Misfits Gaming vs FC Schalke 04 (W)

FC Schalke beat Rogue on day one breaking their winning streak and they seem to be getting better and better. Misfits on the other hand have had a pretty short lived hype train and seem to be getting worse. Just my opinion. Misfits tried making the game work in the early game but Schalke held their own. In the mid game Schalke had control and knew their comp well. Knowing when to pick targets and start fights. Every time Misfits seemed to get some sort of advantage Schalke fought back. In the end Misfits got pushed out of the game and with Schalke looking confident, they took the win in 33 minutes with BrokenBlade taking the MVP spot.

Excel Esports (W) vs SK Gaming

In all honesty the biggest thing that happened in this game was the long pause. Caused by some bug reported by one of the players. Before the pause Excel were looking okay but SK still had a chance to turn things around with a few close plays. After the break was a different story, Excel came out the blocks much faster than SK and looked much more comfortable. They set their objectives well and picked their team fights better. I’m not 100% sure what SK were looking to achieve in some fights. Excel usually struggle to close out a game however they managed to achieve it here. Kryze stepped up to the plate taking the MVP spot over usual suspect Patrik.

Team Vitality vs MAD Lions (W)

After starting off rather rockily, I was hoping to see better things from them in this game and we did. Not to count out Team Vitality as this was one of their better games of the split so far! Carzzy decided to pick up the Seraphine for the first time in bottom lane role in the LEC. That was a really cool pick as I’ve not personally seen her played much at all let alone in a bot lane role. Vitality haven’t been so proactive in games in the past few weeks but this week was much improved. Skeanz on the Pantheon has a good start to the game making it to 3-0 and controlling his farm very well. Vitality however didn’t have the teamwork to break down the walls of MAD Lions who picked a very strong team comp. MAD Lions picked their fights much better and took the game in 28 minutes with Armut picking up the MVP on the Aatrox.

Rogue (W) vs Astralis

Heading int the match, as we’ve already seen 2 weeks of play, it was fair to assume that this game was going to be short lived but boy was it not! Rogue have been playing extremely well recently with Astralis really struggling to find form. However they came into this game really well prepared choosing a scaling Skarner and Thresh which lead to some fun gameplay.  The game was entertaining at towards the end Astralis managed to pick up both the Baron and the Ocean Soul looking to finish the game and take the match. Rogue however held off really well, picking the right fights and baiting Astralis into positions where Rogue felt much stronger. They absorbed the pressure, won two key team fights, teleported straight to the bottom lane and finished the game. Overall Rogue played the team fights much better although Astralis were certainly looking good in the engages they just need more practice in closing out the game.

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