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General News

We have reached boiling point at My Mod. For too long, we have been hanging around in the pre match lobbies waiting for the next inevitable death. Far too many times we have jumped from the sky only to be met by the sweatiest of sweats. Gulaged before our feet have touched the earth of Verdansk. It’s about time we kicked the bucket and left earth… Thankfully, People Can Fly & Square Enix have given us the pleasure to do just that.


The Outriders are a band of soldiers that are responsible for controlling the Flores. A huge ship tasked with moving the colony of last human survivors off of earth to Enoch. The first humans to set foot on Enoch are the Outriders, a team of elite soldiers investigating and paving the way for the colonists. However, the Outriders quickly discover the Anomaly, a massive and deadly energy storm. The Outriders attempt to warn the ECA to abort the colonization, but the ECA leadership instead send their own security forces to silence the Outriders in a shady political move. One of the Outriders, having survived exposure to the Anomaly, is mortally wounded during the fighting and is put back into cryostasis. This is who you play.

The story element holds up and has some interesting arch’s which become realised later on in the game. The survival of these humans depended heavily on Cryogenics which makes for some thought-provoking chronological dynamics in the characters time paths, giving the progression of story a lot of depth and direction. You can quickly become invested if you don’t choose to skip the dialogue.


Game Play

Outriders takes you away from anxiety ridden PvP game modes of late and drops you and your chums into a refreshing universe of NPC’s. But if you have come to the mysterious new world of Enoch looking for free and easy passage, you better think again. Outriders has an intuitive ‘World Tier’ difficulty system that matches your player progression in real time. This is a game to play if you are looking for a challenge. If you find yourself struggling however, the option to lower the difficulty is always there. We found that this was a better option for those playing as a Lone wolf and not with their pack. The higher your difficulty, the better loot you find within the world of Enoch.

It seems that Outriders has taken elements from many different types of games and banded them together with some pretty impressive results. As a third person wall snapping shooter you can draw instant familiarities with GOW (Gears of War). Outriders was built on the Unreal engine and it feels very similar if anything a bit quicker than GOW but not as fluid and polished.

The game allows you to pick your role within the team, much like games such as League of Legends, Anthem or Diablo. These are ‘Altered’ states and will determine how you approach the game, here’s you’re options:

  • PyromancerFire/Incendiary heavy tactics 
  • TechnomancerExplosives and Freeze 
  • Trickster Time altering, teleport
  • Devastator Brutal Seismic power

These ‘Altered’ types come with 8 unique abilities each and you have the option to pick 3 special abilities at any time. Interchanging between each ability is a matter of using the menu and can be switched on the fly during gameplay. The good news is you can use your character in both your own and your friends career paths and there is even the option to save multiple characters so that you don’t have to overwrite your main character.

A massive skill points tree allows you to build your Outrider up from base stats to legendary as with any good RPG game. One good aspect to the progression tree is that if you feel you need to take your character in another direction. You can reset the tree with all the skill points you have obtained still applicable. No need to worry about completely resetting.

Graphics are decent to. We ran the review on an Xbox 1X which at times struggled with the impressive special effects seen throughout. Although recent updates (April 2021) have apparently fixed that. Xbox Series X/PS5 you can expect full 60fps. Character models are not up to the standard that you expect from games like Read Dead or Cyberpunk, but you can see a lot of time and effort has been put in to get the effects to a very good level of detail. The tools of destruction this game gives you allows for some really satisfying dismemberment animations.

If you have come to Enoch looking for an open world sandbox however, you are mistaken. Although the game at times can give you the impression that it is a huge open space to explore, the quests and the maps are lineal. We don’t feel this is a bad move. It gives off a Doom arena/ level progression vibe which we believe is a positive. Enemies are assigned ranks and titles that dictates the type of loot you receive by killing them.

Everything from the guns to the boots and gloves you wear have customisable traits. Combining a massive range of alternative perks that go with your characters skills. These can be things like explosive bullets or lighting that can chain damage to multiple enemies. The possibilities to personalise your play seem to be endless.

Customisation is done through a variety of currencies, all of which are obtained through killing enemies and looting.

  • IronUsed for customising equipment
  • BoltsAllows you to purchase items from vendors
  • LeatherUsed for crafting items
  • TitaniumUsed for upgrading/customising equipment
  • Attribute ShardsAdds higher multipliers to your items

Looting consists of your classic rarities on Weapons/Armour; common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary.

Armour: Gloves, Boots, Chest, Legs, Helmet 
Weapon: Assault, Sniper, Submachine gun, Light machine gun, Double gun, Shotgun, Pistol

  • Common: Base card with just bonus multipliers 
  • Uncommon: Bonus Multipliers with 1 health stack slot 
  • Rare: Bonus multipliers with 1 ability stack slot (Tier 1)
  • Epic: Bonus Multipliers with 2 ability stack slots (Tier 1&2)
  • Legendary: Bonus multipliers with 2 ability stack slots (Tier 1,2&3) 

On all of the positives we have about Outriders, unfortunately we have found some facets to the game that have annoyed us as well which we will list below, none of the cons would stop us from playing the game.


Wall snap feature is not intuitive and very clumsy

The sprint button exiting from jumps does not register often

Can fill insatiable appetites but for an average gamer, maybe sometimes a little overwhelming

Last generation loading screens

Only 3 players, not 4 even though there are four classes

Can feel like a grind and a huge time consumer

Interface & menu management is slow


Overall Verdict:

If you have a spare 50 quid to spend, you’re probably better of putting it back in your pocket and downloading Destiny 2

If you have an Xbox – get it on game pass for free = No brainer

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