January 27th

No More ‘Next Gen’ Consoles?


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The next-gen consoles are here but will this be the last true generation?

The trend of subscription services across all industries has skyrocketed and Microsoft are betting subscriptions are about to revolutionise the gaming industry too. Sure, both Xbox Game Pass and Sony PS Now exist on paper but in reality, Xbox Game Pass towers over PS Now. Before you say this won’t take off, we say; Spotify, Netflix, Apple, Adobe, Amazon.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate £10.99 

Access to over 100 – high quality games

Xbox Game Studios title when they premiere

Exclusive discounts and deals

New Games Added all the time

Subscription to Xbox Live Gold

Play games on your android mobile/tablet

Up to 2 free games a month with Games with gold

EA Play now included

Free In Game Content

Disney+ Subscription (at time of writing)

Xbox Game Pass £7.99 

Access to over 100 – high quality games

Xbox Game Studios title when they premiere

Exclusive discounts and deals

New Games Added all the time

The thing people often ask first is how high quality are the games that are added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate really? We have all been in a situation where you’ve been mis-sold something you thought was a great deal but actually turned out to be not such a bargain! But Xbox Game Pass defies your gut instinct by adding great games to the platform, for example; 

Battlefield – all of them  

Destiny 2 

Doom Eternal 

Forza Horizon 4 

Forza Motorsport 7 

Gears of War – all of them  

Halo 5 

Halo Masterchief collection  

Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 

Rainbow Six Seige  

Elder Scrolls Online 


Whilst we will admit that some of these are not the latest titles available, many of them have now been optimised for the newest consoles. So people like myself who last generation had a PlayStation, missed out on a number of these great titles. Well even if you didn’t, who wouldn’t want to see Gears 5 at 60fps in 4k. Most importantly when the new Halo, new Gears and new Forza release they will all go to Game Pass instantly, that’s great incentive as it is!

Plus, there are just so many other great games from further past triple A titles, to the latest single or double A titles. Remember Army of 2? Fancy rebooting Mirrors edge? Maybe play through all 3 of the Crisis games? Xbox Game Pass has that all too… Who just planned their weekend?

Of course, Microsoft also recently bought Bethesda enabling Xbox Games Pass to instantly have, and maybe even exclusively going forward, games such as; Wolfenstein, Fallout, Prey, Evil Within and Doom.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the UK is currently £1 for the first month and then £10.99 each month after. The total first year cost is £121.89…. There is no way you could purchase all of the games listed above and all of the others available with Game Pass for less or even similar money.

Now let me just put this out there too. Xbox Live is £6.99 if paying monthly OR it is included free with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This brings the true cost of the games in game pass to just £4 a month. But THEN, if you factor in EA Play £3.99 per month, the true subscription cost of the games Microsoft is providing you is £0.01 per month! This makes the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate quite possibly the biggest bargain in entertainment right now, but because of this may lead to price increases in the future.

The world is a very different place compared to 18 months ago, for many times are tough, which could mean the Xbox Game Pass will suffer. But I believe the opposite for 2 main reasons. They are the same reasons that Uber and Netflix have become a part of everyday life.


The value provided from Xbox’s £10.99 far outweighs that of a Netflix or Spotify subscription (even without the added perk of Disney Plus with Game Pass right now).


People are now gaming more than ever; even people who may not have played for while or ever. Game Pass allows them to choose between a host of games and find the right one for them. No more ordering a bunch of different games from Amazon, waiting for them to arrive, potentially not enjoying them and then just end up trading them all in at a much lower value. It also enables people like myself to play AAA titles I previously missed out on… massive bonus!

But why does Xbox Game Pass potentially end consoles?

Microsoft are signing more and more Xbox users to Game Pass, for all the reasons above it just makes sense. Microsoft are also heavily marketing Game Pass to PC users, offering them the same great value proposition.

What if Xbox Game Pass was available on PlayStation? On Switch? On Mac? On iOS?

This idea seems crazy at first read. But Netflix is installed on all Amazon Fire Sticks… Spotify can be installed on your iOS device. Now Game Pass doesn’t seem crazy on your Playstation.

Xbox boss, Phil Spencer had an interview with game reactor where he said “I love the Switch, I love PlayStation, honestly, I think they’ve done an amazing job as being a part of this industry,” he said. “I’m not sure that those are the next big set of users for us, but we could be open to those discussions.” But then much more importantly he also said “I think for us it’s all about priority, and reaching more players,” he then explains how they went for PC first due to how many players there are followed by Android as there are “a billion android phones on the planet”.

Of course, PlayStation and Nintendo will be reluctant at first, they may even find it laughable. But if Xbox manage to gain an unbelievably vast number of subscribers across Xbox, PC, Android and iOS who are regularly using the service, then Playstation and/or Nintendo will have no choice but to add Xbox Game Pass to their platforms. If they don’t at that stage, they may be causing harm to their brand and revenues in the long run.

It is highly likely that something will be released to try and combat Game Pass, whether it be Nintendo or Stadia. But without serious cash to burn it is going to be extremely difficult task, Xbox are just so far ahead and sadly it’s clear at the moment PS Now cannot compete. They instead have focused more on other aspects of their business such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers which may win more console sales right now but may prove costly over a 10-year period.

What does this future look like?

Xbox are starting to roll out its cloud streaming in Beta, which could just be the move that affects the ‘next gen wars’. Potentially a person that owns no console at all, can login to game pass on their phone and instantly play top tier games such as Doom, Forza or Gears 5. Whether they are sat on the tube or chilling at home. What’s more is they could potentially screencast to their TV meaning they are now playing a AAA game on their TV at home with £0.00 spent on a console.

What about the controller? Not an issue Xbox controller can connect to your phone now.

Xbox in similar ways are following in the footsteps of Netflix in terms of controlling the creation of content as well as distribution. Microsoft owned studios already make great games, but the purchase of Bethesda could be only the start of game studio acquisitions to bolster Xbox Game Pass.

What about CoD? Games such as CoD could cause a huge wave of new subscribers to rush to Xbox Game Pass or any other similar service due to its popularity. But with Microsoft not owning Activision it could be difficult to ever reach the right deal…

If you can’t join them, buy them? It is unlikely, but it is not out of the realms of possibility to suggest that Microsoft could purchase Activision. Microsoft have 137 Billion USD in cash laying around. It’s not impossible!

Xbox still has a difficult battle ahead of them to truly dominate the market and take it all for themselves. But if they continue along this path and make the right choices it is not unrealistic to see most gamers subscribing to game pass in the future.

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