February 24th

Quick Review | League of Legends – Wild Rift


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October 2020 marked 11 years of League of Legends. One of, if not the, most important game in the history of the industry and in competitive esports.

Until very recently (2019) Riot Games was a one product company. In 2018 alone League of Legends generated a staggering $1.4 Billion Revenue – not bad for a free to play game, that’s PC only.  PC only makes the feat even more impressive and gives Riot Games massive room for growth in both the mobile and console market. No other MOBA is taking the crown on these platforms either so it only made sense for Riot Games to launch Wild Rift.

Wild Rift - Trailer

Just the name League of Legends would have guaranteed a chunk of the mobile market share for MOBA’s. But instead Riot Games have doubled down and clearly want to create a highly polished and overall best MOBA game available on mobile. Because of this the biggest competitor to League of Legends is League of Legends Wild Rift. As it provides everything awesome that you get from League of Legends on PC, but it minimises the noise and simplifies the systems allowing more casual players to flatten the learning curve. Plus allowing people to try LoL in a less toxic environment, which is a big issue for noobs just wanting to learn.

Wild Rift is available on iOS and Android. It is a Multiplayer Online Battle Area or MOBA and could be coming to consoles soon too (interesting…..). Two teams of five champions face off and in the heart of each team’s base is a Nexus. Destroy the enemy teams Nexus first to win the game. You must clear the path in at least one lane to get to the enemy nexus, but blocking your path are structures called turrets and inhibitors; these deal damage to you and your minions if you’re too close. You can also move in between lanes and take on the jungle where neutral monsters reside such as the Baron Nashor and the Drakes. Killing these will grant buffs for your team and can completely turn the game around.

Wild Rift currently has 52 champions to choose from, so you will certainly not be short of variety. Now if you are a regular LoL player, you will be thinking that is nowhere near the 154 available on PC… but give it time. If Wild Rift grows like we would all expect it too has then it will only be a matter of time until all of the champions become available or even some exclusive champions for Wild Rift. For a mobile game you could consider the matches to be long at 15-20 minutes on average, but this is still half the amount of time of a normal League of Legends. Idoes not feel rushed but instead is perfectly balanced with slow tactical gameplay and epic 5v5 team fights.

Wild Rift first puts you through a fantastic tutorial system. First you are taught the basics of the game and the controls, before moving to vs AI games and then finally allowing you to go on and learn the hard way by playing online. If you’re new to the LoL world you can complete 8 tutorial tasks to complete your knowledge of the game which we think is 100% worth doing. You also get rewards for going through and doing this. Sadly, Wild Rift isn’t as easy to jump into fresh, it’s not at all like a racing or FPS games due to the amount of mechanics in play.

League of Legends always has been a social game and this has transferred into Wild Rift as party chat and team chat is available, of course you can mute everything if you want. But the game is easier when people communicate if not through voice at least through game chat and emotes. If that sounds like too much talking there is even 3 buttons that alert your team to attack, to warn them or to retreat.

You will be pleased to know that Wild Rift is not a pay-to-win experience and you are constantly rewarded with champions, skins and emotes. Alongside this there are also daily and weekly challenges to help you keep progressing through LoL Wild Rift.

The downsides of Wild Rift are small and if you are new to LoL, they will not even matter to you. Such as, not being able to transfer progress from one game to another, and the how the quality of your teammates is vastly different between ranked and unranked matches. The biggest issue facing Wild Rift is how complex it can be in terms of special abilities and just remembering which champion has which powers and runes can be a daunting task at the start. But I doubt anyone is playing and remembering everything for all 54 champions.

It is also worth noting how premium Wild Rift feels. I would have happily paid for the experience I have received. The game even allows you to pick 30fps or 60fps as well as different graphics levels for characters and the scenery, which is customisation that is not generally available on most console and mobile games. This deep customization is visible throughout the game and is part of what makes Wild Rift a unique mobile experience. Especially a free-to-play mobile experience.

If you are a fan of League of Legends, you should absolutely download this game. If you have never heard of League of Legends, you should absolutely download this game. You might just love it and end up spending many an evening putting hours into this game, just like us! 

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